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Are you intimidated by the press or social media?  Don't understand what constitutes "news" and what does not? You're not alone. Many  
business owners never send out a single press release about their business.  If you don't effectively communicate with journalists and
bloggers -- and aren't participating in social media -- you are missing out on getting FREE exposure in newspapers, magazines, radio,
blogs and social networking sites.

Don't know where to begin?  
I can help.

I will take a good look at your business and guide you through steps to take so that you
will never miss a publicity opportunity again.  

I've been a journalist and reporter for 15 years and a public relations professional
for more than 20. I understand what newsrooms are looking for when they receive written
communications from a business.  I can expertly craft all your business communication
materials so that your business gets the attention it deserves

I am also available to help you navigate the social media world of Facebook,
Twitter and Linkedin.

Give me a call today or drop me an email  for your
FREE 20-minute consultation!

"Marcia was incredibly easy
to work with and very
professional...first she
asked me for all the
supporting material I had and
then called me to conduct a
short interview. Within a few
days she e-mailed me
a draft and asked me for
feedback. It was perfect. She
had captured the essence of
my program and me. I was
delighted. The bonus came
when within
24 hours of the press release
going out I got
2 requests for media
interviews ... I never had
that kind of result writing
my own press release."

Helaine Iris
Path of Purpose Coaching
Publicity and Social Media Consulting