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Farm Stays, Northern New England | By Marcia Passos Duffy
This is your essential guide to vacationing at a northern New England farm -- from the quaint  
organic vegetable farm to the hard-working dairy.  You'll read 23 in-depth profiles of farms that
cater to guests in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, plus read helpful information on what
it's like to stay at a farm, advice on packing, plus farm recipes and links to worldwide farm

“This well organized book is more than a handy vacation guide. It is a warm invitation for
families to sample life at its source, where food is grown and time slows to nature’s pace."

Ebook & Softcover
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100+ New England Main Meal Recipes | By Marcia Passos Duffy

Get 100+ savory main meal recipes that come from The Heart of New England's popular food
pages, and from the bed & breakfasts, inns and farms throughout Vermont and New
Hampshire's little country towns and Maine's seaside fishing villages. Learn how to make
authentic New England Clam Chowder (hint: there's no flour in the recipe), a Pot Roast even a
Yankee would love, and the classic New England Boiled Dinner.  You'll also get more eclectic
recipes with a New England flair!

Ebook only
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Be Your Own Boss | By Marcia Passos Duffy
Published by Wetfeet, Inc.

Ready to ditch your business attire and drop out of the corporate rat race? Fantasize about
choosing your own clients and projects and working whenever -- and wherever -- you want?
Sounds like freelancing may be the right choice for you. Freelancing veteran Marcia Passos
Duffy tells you what you need to know to start up and thrive in a freelance business, in any
profession or industry. She’ll also tell you what it’s really like to work for yourself: from the
freedom to direct your own career to the ebbs and flows of contract work to the client who
hasn’t paid up in three months. Freelancing is a mixed bag. And whether you survive, or go
back to corporate life, depends on how well you tolerate the downside to working on your own
-- as well as how you manage those nice perks to being your own boss.

Softcover only
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